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The Economics Department at the University of Oregon, located in the College of Arts and Sciences, features a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students who lead the field in current economic issues. We are also one of the fastest growing departments at the University due to the relevance of our subject matter and reputation for excellence in teaching and scholarship.

As a member of the University of Oregon community, you have the right to learn, work, and live in an environment free of discrimination and hate. We all have a responsibility to maintain an environment free of prohibited harassment and discrimination. Resources are readily available here on campus for all students, faculty, and staff:

Here's what's happening in the Econ Department

States with the Best Economies

Two thousand fifteen was a banner year for the U.S. economy, thanks to a strong dollar, job gains, lower oil prices, increased consumer spending, and general improvements in the housing and business sectors. And the International Labour Organization expects steady growth ahead despite a slowing global economy.But within the U.S., state economies could still be either boom or bust. Illinois, for instance, is currently in a fiscal free fall, with no budget for the second year in a row — putting its schools and social programs in peril — and the highest unemployment rate in the Midwest. ...

Awards and Scholarships

Linmei Amaya received the H.T. Koplin Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to an Oregon resident who has finished the math and intermediate courses at the University of Oregon with at least a 3.6 GPA in their economics coursework.

Jennifer Leung, Emily Secord, Hannah Solheim, and Selena Trevino each received the department’s Grace Miller Economics Scholarship, which is for Oregon residents who have a demonstrated interest in teaching.




Selena Trevino and Tim Carignani have been awarded the Alanson H. Kleinsorge Scholarhip, which is awarded to economics majors who


Search Efforts

To meet the curricular needs of our increasing number of majors and minors, and to support our graduate program and faculty research efforts, the Economics Department is very fortunate this year to have funding for three new assistant professors, with even a possible fourth position associated to the president’s directive for sustainability research.  Hiring 3-4 new faculty is an enormous task, and our search process has been underway since August.  We have received 880 applicants from the world’s top universities, and our teams will interview approximately 75 of them at the annual