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Department Scholarships

This fall, the Department of Economics is awarding three scholarships to accomplished undergraduate students. Students interested in applying for the Grace Miller, Alanson H. Kleinsorge, and H. T. Koplin Memorial Economics scholarships will need to write a cover letter explaining their suitability in addition to filling out the Application Form. Applications are due at 11:59 on Friday, October 14. Questions regarding forms should be sent to the Economics Undergraduate Coordinators, Dan O’Neil, or Peter Coury

The Grace Miller Economics Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for students interested in teaching economics after completing their degree at UO. Recipients may use the $2,500 award for tuition, textbooks, living costs, and any other educational expenses. Selection is based on the following:

  • Can demonstrate an interest in teaching economics at the high school or college level.

  • Must be an Oregon resident and an Economics major.

Special consideration may be made to women, those from underrepresented communities, and those at financial disadvantage; however, all are encouraged to apply.

The Alanson H. Kleinsorge Economics Scholarship

This scholarship serves students who have faced and overcome academic challenges earlier in their careers. The $1,500 award will be applied to UO tuition and school fees. Recipients are determined by these criteria:

  • Has had past academic difficulties in high school or early college but has sustained success in the Economics major at the University of Oregon.

  • Must be eligible for federal financial aid and filed a FAFSA.

  • Must be an Economics major currently enrolled at UO.

  • Must have already attended two terms at the university and plans to attend during the academic year in which the scholarship is awarded.

The H.T. Koplin Memorial Scholarship in Economics

This scholarship awards $3,000 to a student majoring in Economics who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement. The awarded funds may be put toward tuition, textbooks, living costs, and any other educational expenses. Students are chosen based on the following requirements:

  • Must earn a 3.6 GPA or higher with the bulk of their coursework (75% or more) completed at UO.

  • Must demonstrate financial need as determined by the University of Oregon Office of Student Financial Aid.

  • Must be an Oregon resident and an Economics major.

Other Scholarships

To apply for other scholarships in the College of Arts and Sciences, click here.

For general University of Oregon scholarship information please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Graduation Awards

In addition to the Departmental Scholarships, the Economics Department awards a number of specific prizes at graduation for particularly outstanding students. Each award carries a cash prize. These are as follows:

Best Solo-Authored Senior Thesis Paper

Best Senior Thesis Written as a Group Project

University of Oregon Economics Club Award: This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of members of the UO Economics Club, including past leaders and those who have demonstrated leadership “from the bench.”

Most Valuable Player Award: This award recognizes the hard work of students who went above and beyond to contribute to the betterment of the program by being a team player, contributing thoughtful questions and insights in the classroom, and getting involved in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom to deepen their understanding of the field of economics.