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Study Abroad

We live in an increasingly global world. Study abroad experiences can give you the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, acquire and improve language skills, and enhance your academic knowledge. You can choose from more than 80 programs across 50 countries lasting from 3 months to a full year of study.

Prerequisites and language requirements vary, and costs are usually comparable to studying at the UO depending on the program you choose. Financial aid and scholarships are also available, including the prestigious Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships.

To learn more about the programs available, contact Global Education Oregon.

Important considerations for economics majors

Most study abroad programs have limited offerings in economics. The most common offerings are principles of economics courses (EC 201 and 202), with some programs offering intermediate economics courses (EC 311 and 313) and some 300-level field courses. For this reason, try to plan your study abroad experiences during your sophomore or junior years, before you need to complete the majority of your upper-division requirements.

Once you’ve identified a study abroad program that interests you, you may want to review your plan with an academic advisor within the department to assess the UO equivalency of the economics courses before enrolling. Global Education Oregon should be able to help you determine how other courses in your chosen program may meet UO general education requirements.

Programs offering economics and/or business courses

  • Copenhagen School of Business, Denmark
  • Cologne, Germany (Carl Duisburg Centers)
  • Budapest, Hungary (Budapest University of Economic Sciences)
  • Tokyo, Japan (Senshu University)
  • Seoul, South Korea (Ewha Womans University and Yonsei University)
  • Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, Mexico (ITESM program)
  • Warsaw, Poland (Warsaw School of Economics)
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Paderna del Grappa, Italy
  • Seville, Spain

Note that there are many other study abroad programs that offer a wide range of courses, including economics and business courses. Check with Global Education Oregon for more information.