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Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

Use our Minor Progress Worksheet to track your completion of the courses required to earn your minor in Economics.

A minor in economics requires a minimum 24 credits distributed as follows:

Introduction to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics
(EC 201)

Introduction to Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics
(EC 202)

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (EC 311) 4
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (EC 313) 4
Two additional upper-division 4-credit
courses in economics

Total* 24

Please be aware of the following criteria associated with the economics minor:

  • Two of the four upper-division 4-credit courses must be taken from the UO economics department.
  • Courses not counted toward the minor are EC 401, 404, 405, and 408.
  • All courses applied to the economics minor must be completed with grades of C- or better.

*Students with transfer credits in some required courses may have to complete more than 6 courses to satisfy the minimum 24 credits required to earn a minor at the University of Oregon.