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2015 Honors Papers

Recipient of the Best Individual Honors Paper Award 2015

Kevin Frazier, “The Gender Gap in Oregon Public Schools: Trends and a Decompositional Breakdown”
Faculty Advisor: Ben Hansen

Ben Nussbaumer, “Regional Educational Opportunities and Fertility Responses in Developing Countries”
Faculty Advisor: Alfredo Burlando

Recipient of the Best Team Honors Paper Award 2015

Jack Bischman, Rimma Gurvich, Benjamin Noah, and Haley Rivet, “Gender and Peer Effects on High School Graduation”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

John Bird, Austin Lewis, and Pedro Rivera, “Optimal Pricing for Residential Parking Permits in Eugene’s West University Neighborhoods”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Chris Deal, Matthew Dodier, Jing Li, and Chong Zhao, “The Effects of Teacher Experience on Budget Allocation and Student-Teacher Ratios”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Bryan Domogalla, Nicole Korkos, Joshua Sherman, and Xinyu Zhu, “Residential Density and City Size Across the Stage of Oregon”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Nathan Dunnington, “Fantasy Football Projection Analysis”
Faculty Advisor: Nick Sly

Lucy Hackett, “English Programs in Oregon: Helping or Inhibiting English Language”
Faculty Advisor: Glen Waddell

Winston Hovekamp, Megan McGowen, and Ryan Sherrard, “The Effect of Land Annexation Policy on Housing Values and Land Supply in Oregon Cities”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Dillon Kuiava, “The Effect of Product Innovation on Existing Production Growth Rates in Dram Industry”
Faculty Advisor: Wes Wilson

Nicholas Wiegardt, “Effect of Foreclosures on Nearby Property Values”
Faculty Advisor: Michael Kuhn

Seung Yong (Stephen) Yeum, “Learning-by-Doing in the DRAM Semiconductor Industry”
Faculty Advisor: Wes Wilson

Tyler Zacarias, “An Economic Approach to Enfranchisement through the UK Reform Act of the Nineteenth Century Leading up to Universal Suffrage”
Faculty Advisor: Chris Ellis