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2010 Honors Papers

Recipient of Best Honors Paper award 2010

Brett M. Jossis and Zachary G. Penacho, “Forecasting Revenues for Lane Transit District: An Econometric Analysis of Lane County Payrolls”
Faculty Advisor: Glen Waddell

Cheyney Michael and Thomas O’Fallon, “Effects of Foreign Ownership on Local Corporate Philanthropy.”
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen

Jennifer Luna and Ann Lacey, “One House One Vote: Consensus Within the Household.”
Faculty Advisor: Anne van den Nouweland

Tyler West, “Lurking in the Shadows: An Analysis of the Causes of and Governmental Responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis.”
Faculty Advisor: Mark Thoma

Jeffrey Coe and Sean Spang, “Evaluation of On-Site Admissions Programs at the University of Oregon.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Benjamin Trussell, “The Bid Rent Gradient Theory In Eugene, Oregon: An Empirical Investigation.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Ka Lok Chu, “The Effect of De-noising FMRI Data Using Independent Component Analysis.”
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Kayla Erickson, “Microcredit: Access to Credit as Access to Health.”
Faculty Advisor: Ron Davies

Matthew W. Curtis and Ari I. Siegel, “An Econometrics Analysis of the Efficiency of Parking Garage Security in Downtown Eugene, Oregon.“
Faculty Advisor: Glen Waddell

Joe D. Hagen and Jessica J. Schnieder, “Central Oregon Index of Poverty.“
Faculty Advisor: Glen Waddell

William J. Goodling and Samuel M. Olson, “An Econometric Analysis of Parking Citation Payment in Eugene, Oregon.“
Faculty Advisor: Glen Waddell

Colin Jabin and Morgan Williamson and Sin Ting Cheuk, “Allocating a Public Good for the Good of the Public: Journal Budget Allocation Model for the University of Oregon Libraries.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Eason Ding and Tim Hursey, “Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Business Planning using Palo Alto’s Business Plan Pro.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Joe Coleman and Seongjun Hong, “Multifamily Housing Demand and the effects of Transit Oriented Development in Walnut Station Mixed Use Center.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone