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2009 Honors Papers

Mahama Abdel Samir and Sidbewende Bandaogo, “A Reassessment of The Poverty Level in Burkina Faso: Implementation of A Weakly Relative Poverty Line”
Faculty Advisor: Peter Lambert

Joey Brady, Sean Pank, and Adam Shick, “Determinants of Off-Street Parking Demand in Downtown Eugene, OR.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Chris Carothers and Luke Hudson, “The Oregon Country Fair: An Economic Impact Analysis.”
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen

James Davidson and Stanley Dewsnup, “Variable Cost and Incremental Revenue Estimation in the Blood Industry: An Empirical Study of Lane Memorial Blood Bank.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Dan Handelman and Elise Smilek, “A Statistical Analysis of the Factors Predicting University of Oregon Alumni Contributions.”
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen. Contact Blonigen for paper.

Michael Pierce and Eshwari Rao, “A Benefit-Cost Analysis of the University of Oregon Brain Development Lab’s PCMCA Program.”
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen

Nathan Eckstein, “A Statistical Analysis of American Football Running Backs’ Draft Position and Subsequent Earnings”
Faculty Advisor: Trudy Cameron

Chad Fulton, “A Runaway Competitive Fringe: How File-Sharing is Disrupting the Music Industry.
Faculty Advisor: Glen Waddell

Ashley Hadjatry-Tarzaban, “A Shift in Power: The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Middle East.”
Faculty Advisor: Wes Wilson

Debi Miller, “Eugene Public Parks: A Question of Efficient Allocation.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Kevin Sanders, “Coups d’Etats: An Economic Analysis of Factors.”
Faculty Advisor: Chris Ellis

Tyler Scandalios, “An Issue of National Security: The Roles of United States Economic and Military Aid in Promoting Human Development and Political Stability in Developing Countries”
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen

Bennet Voorhees, “Forecasting Eugene’s Building Permit Revenues: Developing a Reliable Forecasting Model for Departmental Budgeting and Decision-Making.”
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Michael Pierce, “Ups and Downs: An Analysis of Oregon’s Relationship with the National Economy”
Faculty Advisor: Tim Duy