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2003 Honors Papers

Recipient of the Best Individual Honors Paper Award 2003

Lindsay Beckman and Anne Jackson, ”Cost Analysis of the Adolescent Transitions Program“
Faculty Advisors: Bruce Blonigen and Bill Harbaugh
Powerpoint slides

Recipient of the Best Group Honors Paper Award 2003

Oliver Levine, “Effects of Market Power and Strategic Manipulation Within a Simulated Kyoto Protocol Emissions Trading Program“
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Melinda Rowan and Jennifer Witt, “Hynix“
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen
Powerpoint presentation

Jared Lunsford, “Endogenous Information Cascades”
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh
For a pdf, email the author at

Ryan Suvoy, “Giving and Taking”
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Selena Smith, “EU Eastern Expansion and the Effects on Trade”
Faculty Advisor:  Bruce Blonigen

Dane Jensen and Jared Durham, ”The Property Value Effects of the South Ridgeline Trail“
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh
Summary, Powerpoint presentation

Graham Crawford and Aaron Steinberger, “What Gives?”
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh
Email the authors at D-econometrica for information on this project.

Felicia Lorelli and Reva Shrestha, “Local Purchasing Incentives“
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Blonigen