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Undergrad Frequently Asked Questions

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Classes and Registration

Duckweb won't let me register for the Econ class I want. What do I do?

Is it during the initial registration period? Priority registration is only open to economics majors during the initial registration period. Non-majors and economics minors must wait until courses are available to all majors before registering.

Is the class full? If a course is full, you may join the waitlist for that course to be notified if a spot opens up. If the course has a discussion or lab section, join the waitlist for that section, not the lecture. See these instructions and a video tutorial for waitlisting.

Note: If you are in a lab or discussion, and want to switch to a different one, DO NOT drop the section you’re in until you’ve successfully registered for the section you want.

Is there a required prerequisite? Check to see if you’ve satisfied the prerequisites required for the course. If you believe you have, and still can’t add the course, email your advisor (include your #95 number) to see what further steps you can take.

Does the course require instructor approval? Some courses, including EC 401/404/405 and 418/419, require instructor/advisor approval before a student can add the course. Contact the Economics Undergraduate Coordinator at 541-346-1260 to determine your next steps.

Questions about the requirement that classes be taken for a grade and not p/np:

Why do we require that all classes are taken for a grade? To ensure that our students are putting forth their best effort, and to maintain comparability between students (differentiate between students who earn high gpas and those who manage their gpas with p/np classes).

I took a required class p/np, and now the class is not showing up on my degree audit.  What can I do to fix this? Please contact your economics undergraduate advisor (see above.)  As a general rule, you will be required to either retake the class or replace the class with an additional, graded class.

What is a shadow grade? A shadow grade is evidence that a passing grade would have been earned in a class had the student taken it for a grade rather than p/np.  The Economics Department does not allow shadow grades to complete graduation requirements.  In other words, we do not track shadow grades.

I did not pass Math 243. Can I retake Math 243 at the same time I take EC320?

No, you must satisfactorily complete all prerequisites prior to taking EC 320 or any other class.

Adding and Changing Your Major

How can I add or change an economics major or minor?

Fill out and submit the online Add/Drop Major/Minor form. The process can take 10-12 business days to complete. Your degree guide will be updated when the change has been updated.

I just declared an economics major. Do I need to visit an advisor?

It is not required to meet with an advisor, but recommended if you have questions about your degree audit.

How can update my bachelor type (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts?

Follow these 5 steps:

1) Sign into DuckWeb with your 95# and PAC
2) Go to the Student Menu Tab
3) Select “Update General Student Information”
4) Click the drop down arrow next to “Degree Sought” and choose (BA or BS for econ majors)
5) Submit.
If you are still unable to update this, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Advising Questions

What classes are necessary for the Economics degree?

The basic requirements are:

Math Block: Either Math 241/51 or Math 242/52, plus Math 243

Introductory Economics: EC201 and EC202

Intermediate Core Economics: EC311 and EC313

Econometrics: EC320 and EC421

Upper-Division Electives: 28 credits total, of which at least 20 must be at the 400 level

Transfer students must complete 28 credits of the 40 upper-division credits must be at the University of Oregon.

See a sample four-year plan

Chart your progress using this worksheet.

You can visit the UO Course Catalog and class schedule for more information about the courses that best satisfy your graduation requirements.

Please refer to Academic Advising for the most recent University of Oregon graduation requirements.  And check your degree audit in Duckweb each term to ensure that you remain on track to graduation.

All classes must be passed with a grade of C- or better.  All classes must be taken for a grade.  This applies even if you were not an economics major when you took the class. The only exception is classes offered only p/np, of which nor more than 8 credits can be applied to the economics major.  The basic rule is that if you can take the class for a grade, you must take it for a grade.

Whom can I contact for help?

The primary contacts for undergraduate students are:

Academic advisors for the department include:

  • Jeremy Piger, advisor for majors whose last names begin with L-Z. Serves as Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Tim Duy, advisor for majors whose last names begin with A-K. Serves as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies.

How can I see an advisor?

 Email your advisor directly to request an appointment:

  • last name A-K:
  • last name L-Z:

Please include your student ID # in your email.

How do I get a form completed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies?

The Director of Undergraduate Studies has regular office hours listed on his/her profile. If you have a time conflict with those office hours, please email the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Please include your student ID # in your emails. If the Director believes an appointment is necessary, he or she will set a mutually convenient time.

I am about to graduate, but my Degree Guide says that I have not completed graduation requirements. What do I do?

In most cases, you have not completed the appropriate requirements and will need to take additional classes.  Please contact the your economics academic advisor for specific, missing requirements.  Students are encouraged to frequently check their Degree Guide to prevent unhappy surprises.

Do I need to complete a concentration?

No. Concentrations are only suggestions that some students may find helpful for academic and career planning.  We do not track concentrations nor are they identified on your transcript or diploma. You may, however, list concentrations on your resume or curriculum vitae.

Transfer Questions

I am a transfer student, and my classes did not transfer correctly to the University of Oregon. How can I get the appropriate transfer?

Please email the syllabus or course description of the class in question to your academic advisor to determine the appropriate transfer equivalency. Please note that your advisor will not track this information down for you due to the large volume of student requests.

I am planning to attend another school in the US or to study abroad. How can I learn how classes abroad will transfer to the University of Oregon?

First, please see if the school and class already have a transfer equivalency at the following website:

If the class is not listed, then email the syllabus or course description of the class in question to your academic advisor to determine the appropriate transfer equivalency. Please note that your advisor will not track this information down for you due to the large volume of student requests.

Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that classes from other institutions transfer to the University of Oregon in a timely manner.

I am a transfer student, and I have taken all the prerequisites for a class, but cannot register because my grades have not yet transferred to the University of Oregon. How can I register?

Please contact your advisor with evidence—such as a transcript—that you have completed the prerequisite courses.  He will then clear you to register.