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August 10, 2015

Seven economics scholarships awarded for 2015-2016 academic year

Winston Hovekamp, Arlen Alton, Kayla Kirksey, Jean Ramirez, Elliot Tran, Peter Ma and Tyler Quartraro selected for H.T. Koplin, Alanson H. Kleinsorge and Grace Miller Scholarships.

Seven exemplary students were awarded scholarships by the Economics Department for the next academic year 2015-2016.

Winston Hovekamp received the H.T. Koplin Memorial Scholarship for Economics of $3,000; Arlen Alton, Kayla Kirksey, and Jean Ramirez each received the Alanson H. Kleinsorge Scholarship of $1,500; and Elliot Tran, Peter Ma, and Tyler Quartraro were each awarded the Grace Miller Economics Scholarship of $2,500.

H.T. Koplin Memorial Scholarship Winner


Winston Hovekamp is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Economics and Mathematics.  This year he will work as a teaching assistant and research assistant in addition to finishing his degree. After graduation, he plans to work for a few years and travel extensively in Europe and Latin America before pursuing a graduate degree in economics.






Alanson H. Kleinsorge Scholarship Winners


Arlen Alton is originally from Portland.  He is a junior majoring in Economics. He is apart of the Student Support Services, a federally funded TRiO organization. He helps fellow undergraduates meet the rigors of higher education and graduate from UO.  He is interested in GMO’s, unemployment, real estate, and investment. After graduation, he hopes to work as a data analyst for a small business or federal government agency.







Kayla Kirksey is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Economics.  She is interested in international studies with a concentration in developmental economics.  Outside of school, she is an active member of her sorority, volunteers at Greenhill Humane Society and is a conversation partner for international students through the Yamada Language Lab as she’s fluent in Japanese. After graduation, she hopes to work abroad to help restructure economies.






Jean Ramirez is a junior at the University of Oregon double majoring in Economics and Political Science. He is an active member and part of the executive board as chair of research at the University of Oregon’s Economics Club.  After graduation, he plans on working in the private sector before applying to graduate school.








Grace Miller Scholarship Winner


Elliot Tran is a senior at the University of Oregon, double majoring in Economics and Journalism. During her time at UO she has worked with the Vietnamese Student Association, Career Center Portland, American Cancer Society and White Bird Clinic.  After graduation, she hopes to pursue a Master’s in Public Health or Health Economics.







Tyler Quartraro is a Sophomore at the University of Oregon, double major in Business and Economics. After graduating he plans to either teach English abroad or attend an international graduate school for economics or law.  “Being awarded this scholarship is a huge honor and I only hope to one day return the generosity with the knowledge and skills I acquire in thanks to it.”






About the Scholarships

The Department of Economics awards these scholarships to students majoring in economics who are Oregon residents.

The Alanson H. Kleinsorge Scholarship is offered to support and encourage economics students who face academic challenges in their college careers.

The H.T. Koplin Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an economics major demonstrating a combination of financial need and high academic performance in economics courses. The Koplin Memorial Scholarship is awarded once per year.

The Grace Miller Scholarship was created in honor of donor Grace Miller, who earned her MA in Business Administration at the UO and went on to teach business and economics at South Eugene High School. This scholarship is offered to encourage and support an academically strong UO undergraduate economics major who is an Oregon resident and who has demonstrated an interest in teaching. Preference is given to women, and the scholarship is awarded on a quarterly basis depending on available funds.


The Department of Economics would like to thank our generous donors for providing these opportunities for our outstanding students to pursue their goals for a college education.

June 1, 2015

Econ Scholarships for 2015-2016 Academic Year

There are three scholarships this year that economics undergraduates can apply to for the 2015-2016 academic year:

  • Grace Miller Scholarship for $2,500 (up to 4 awards available)
  • H.T. Koplin Memorial Scholarship for $3,000 (1 available)
  • Alanson H. Kleinsorge Scholarship for $1,500 (up to 3 awards available)

The deadline to apply for these scholarships is June 5th.
Please visit our scholarships page for more information and how to apply.

If you have any questions, please email

Commencement Ceremony, Monday June 15th at 6 PM

The Economics faculty and staff invite graduates and their guests to attend the department’s graduation ceremony and reception on Monday, June 15, 2015, 6PM in the Memorial Quad.

Please visit the main UO commencement website for main ceremony and general information.

If you have any questions, please email or call the main office (541-346-8845).

Congratulations Class of 2015!

May 8, 2015

Public Lecture by Dr. Joel Slemrod, Mon. 5/18

The University of Oregon Tax Policy Research Group
invites you to a lecture by Joel Slemrod.


Monday May 18th,
Knight Law Building, Room 184,
5:00 PM

Dr. Slemrod will be giving a public lecture, titled “Taxing Beards
and Breasts, Wigs, and Windows: Weird Taxes of the Past and
their Lessons for  Tax Policy Today.” The talk will examine weird
taxes of the past, such as the English tax on windows, the Russian
tax on beards, and the Indian tax on breasts, and draw out their
lessons for current tax policy.

October 21, 2014

Examining the Impacts of Legalized Marijuana

Highlights from the 11th Annual Oregon Economic Forum

The 11th Annual Oregon Economic Forum was held on Thursday, October 16 at the Portland Art Museum. Approximately 375 attended the event, which included a very timely presentation of recent research by Assistant Professor Ben Hansen on the potential impact of marijuana legalization. Oregon voters have the opportunity to decide on a measure legalizing recreational marijuana on the upcoming November ballot.

hansen100x100Hansen’s research explores the impact on crime, teen pot use, and the rates of drunken driving, as well as the possible effect on Oregon’s tax revenues.

For instance, Hansen’s research found that states with medical marijuana laws saw declines in drunken driving fatalities, suicides (especially among young adult males), and the rate of heavy drinking.

Hansen also noted that taxation of recreational pot should be done carefully to avoid chasing users back to an already-thriving black market for the substance.

Read the Oregonian’s full coverage of Hansen’s presentation here.

Slides from the main presentations are now available here.

duy_100x100Other highlights of the event included an update on the regional economy from the Forum’s organizer and founder, UO Professor of Practice Tim Duy, and an examination by State Economist Mark Mullen of the impact of changing demographics on the state’s economy going forward. The keynote speaker was Doug Elliott of the Brookings Institution, who reported on the progress made in addressing regulatory shortfalls in the financial industry in an effort to prevent a repeat of the events that precipitated the Great Recession.

The Oregon Economic forum is hosted by the UO Department of Economics. KeyBank was the presenting sponsor for this year’s event. Additional sponsors included the Portland Business Journal, Langley, the Portland Business Alliance, the Port of Portland, and Providence Health Plans.


August 27, 2014

Cameron awarded best paper for 2014

Excerpt of article originally published in Around the O, August 27, 2014.

A research report by UO economics professor Trudy Ann Cameron has been named the article of the year by the Journal of Environment Economics and Management.

Cameron, the Raymond F. Mikesell Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics at the UO, published the paper in January 2013. It describes a new method for determining the value people place on small reductions in the risk of illness or death.

Such calculations are important in a variety of social and environmental contexts, such as understanding the benefits of medical research, environmental regulation or workplace safety rules. The calculation method proposed by Cameron and co-author J.R. DeShazo of the University of California at Los Angeles improves on existing methods by providing for a more detailed analysis and overcomes some longstanding limitations in the traditional approach.

The article, “Demand for health risk reductions,” is available here.

Read the entire Around the O piece here.

May 31, 2014

Econ student named 2014 Truman Scholar

Andrew Lubash, campus and community activist, is among 59 scholars named nationwide.

Andrew Lubash100x100Oregon junior Andrew Lubash of Beaverton received the prestigious 2014 Truman Scholarship. Former Secretary of State and Truman Foundation President Madeleine K. Albright announced the 59 winners at 5 pm today in Washington, DC.

Lubash attends the UO Honors College, double-majoring in Economics and Political Science. As a leader both on campus and in the community, Lubash displayed the most sought-after qualities of a Truman Scholar, which include academic achievement, demonstrated community service and leadership, and a desire to pursue a career in public service.

“My goal is to become a successful advocate for LGBT civil rights issues and attend a great graduate degree program that will prepare me to be successful,” Lubash says. “I think I’ll benefit enormously, not just the money award, but the honor that has been bestowed upon me as the legacy of President Truman—it’s pretty amazing. I’ll also get to meet some pretty incredible people along the way!”

Bruce Blonigen, Acting Associate Dean of Social Sciences and a faculty rep for the 2014 Truman Scholarship, was impressed early on with the strength of Lubash’s application, which includes involvement in ASUO student government, Oregon Student Association, and an internship with Senator Mark Hass. “I’m usually not good at predicting things like this, but as soon as I saw his list of accomplishments, I knew he’d be chosen,” Blonigen says.Andrew_Lubash_surprise

The aim of the Truman scholarship, according to Former Secretary Albright, is to “serve as a gateway for America’s public service leaders.” Truman Scholars receive up to $30,000 for graduate studies, in addition to priority admission and supplemental aid for some of the premiere graduate institutions. Scholars also take part in leadership training, and receive additional opportunities for special internships within the federal government.

Bruce, Scott, Andrew, President

Lubash joins 59 new Truman Scholars, mostly college juniors. He will be only the eighth student from the University of Oregon to receive the honor. This year’s recipients were selected from among 655 candidates nominated by 293 colleges and universities. Past Truman Scholars include such notables as Janet Napolitano, Bill de Blasio, George Stephanopoulos, Susan Rice, and Jon Favreau.

Read more about Lubash’s story at Around the O.

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