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Accelerated Master’s Program

Well prepared undergraduate UO Economics majors with junior or senior standing are eligible to apply to the Accelerated Master’s Program in the Economics Department (AMPED). The aim of the program is to provide qualified students with access to graduate level coursework during their senior year to facilitate and speed up their pathway to obtaining a Master’s degree in the future. Admission is competitive.

Upon acceptance to the AMPED, students will remain as undergraduate students but be allowed to take up to 12 credits (3 classes) from among a select group of four-credit 500 level courses offered in the economics department. These courses will count toward upper-division elective requirements for the undergraduate economics degree.

If after graduating with their Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a student in the AMPED joins the Master’s Degree program in Economics at the University of Oregon, the 500 level courses taken as an undergraduate may additionally count toward elective requirements in the Master’s degree program. That means you need to take fewer courses to earn your Master’s degree!

For more information about the AMPED and how to apply, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Wondering if the AMPED is right for you? Talk to your advisor.