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If you entered the University of Oregon as a freshman with 36 or more credits, including two terms of calculus, you may be eligible to complete a bachelors AND Master’s degree in Economics in four years. Here’s how to make that 3+1 path happen with our Accelerated Master’s Program – Economics Degree (AMPED):

Meet the minimum program requirements:

  • Complete EC311, EC313, EC320 and EC421 by the end of your second year at the University of Oregon with a grade of “B” or higher. (These classes require the prerequisites EC201, EC202, MATH 243/343.)
  • Earn an overall GPA of 3.2 or above.

Apply for the AMPED:

If accepted:

  • As an undergraduate, begin taking up to 12 credits of EC 500-level elective credits that will be applied to both the undergraduate and Master’s requirements for degree completion during your third year at the University and complete your bachelors degree.
  • Complete the Master’s program of study during your fourth year at the University.

Do you think the AMPED 3+1 path is right for you? Contact the Economics Department to talk with an advisor and learn how you can maximize your time here at the University of Oregon.

Sample schedule for AMPED 3+1 students:

Year 1 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter Spring
EC201 EC202 MATH 243/343
WR121 WR122/123 SSC

Year 2 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter Spring
EC311 EC313 EC421
SC EC320 EC4xx
Elective/Minor Elective/Minor Elective/Minor

Year 3 Undergraduate Program

Fall Winter Spring
EC4xx EC5xx EC5xx
Elective/Minor EC4xx EC5xx
Elective/Minor Elective/Minor Elective/Minor
Elective/Minor Elective/Minor Elective/Minor

Year 4 Master’s Program

Fall Winter Spring
EC523 EC524 EC525
EC511 EC512 EC5xx
EC513 EC5xx EC5xx

 Key for university requirements:  AL=Arts and Letters Area, SC=Science Area, SSC = Social Science Area, WR = Writing, US = Difference, Inequality & Agency, GS = Global Perspectives

Students must complete a total of 180 credits, including 62 upper division credits (300-level or above), to meet University of Oregon degree requirements. The 180 credits total is a combination of 168 undergraduate credits and 12 credits that apply to both the undergraduate and Master’s degrees.

This is a sample schedule only. Your schedule will vary according to the classes being you transfer in from high school (or other institutions).