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UO Econ Student featured in Around the O Newsletter

UO Economics undergraduate student Matthew Dodier’s research on the impact of major forest fires (such as those last summer in Oregon and other western states) on public health was featured in Around the O:

“Wildfires in Oregon were particularly intense in 2014, and as Dodier and Hansen kicked around ideas related to air pollution, “the idea of looking at forest fires came up,” Hansen says. “That’s something that is salient to everybody, but nobody had studied the impact on hospitalizations or its impact on pollution.”

The issue takes on new relevance as researchers examine the connection between air pollution and COVID-19. A recent study from Harvard, for example, found that Americans living in more polluted areas are more likely to die from the disease than those in clearer regions.”

The full story can be read on the Around the O website. Congratulations, Matthew!