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2019 Honors Papers

Recipient of the Best Individual Honors Paper Award 2019


Recipient of the Best Team Honors Paper Award 2019


Kabitanjali Amatya, Effects of Education Policy on Women’s Investment in Early Childhood Health Care in Uganda
Faculty Advisors: Bill Harbaugh and Alfredo Burlando

Kyle Breznicker and Ryan Gomez, Text Analysis and Word Frequency Examination of Student Evaluations: Informing the Relationship between Language Sentiment, Instructor and Course Traits
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Kobee Crown and Stephen Haltiner,Predicting Student Graduation and Dropout Probabilities Using Logistic Lasso Modeling

Rita Jia, “The Effect of the E.U. Prize for Women Innovators on the Share of Female Students in Higher Education
Faculty Advisor: Mike Kuhn

Teagan Lind and Carson Wood,Investigating Oregon PERS: Unfunded Actuarial Liability (UAL)

Melissa Liu, The Role of Nationalism in the United States Economy
Faculty Advisor: Woan Foong Wong

Hannah Solheim,Admissions Without Acquittal: The Effect of “Ban the Box” on College Admissions
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Hansen

Ethan Uecker and Devin Olson, Creating a True Measure of Instructor Quality and Student Learning at the University of Oregon
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Aijie Zhao, Beauty Contest: K-Level Thinking
Faculty Advisor: Jiabin Wu