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Oregon Economic Forum experts discussed economic recovery, sin taxes and robots

Though it doesn’t always feel like it, the U.S. economy has hit the “sweet spot” and is on track to be one of the longest recovery periods on record, said economists Tim Duy and Bruce McCain on Thursday at the 14th annual Oregon Economic Forum in Portland.

“After eight long years, we’ve finally reached a full-employment economy,” said Duy, director of the Oregon Economic Forum and UO professor of practice in economics. “It will feel tighter. There will be more traffic and longer lines at Starbucks. Companies will have a harder time recruiting new employees and job growth will be slow. It will feel like a loss of momentum, because companies can’t grow as fast, but that’s more related to supply-side constraints rather than moving into a recession.”

Both Duy and McCain expected the economy to continue at the current pace for another two to three years and did not see the signs of a “bubble.”

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