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Oregon’s Legalization and Washington’s Border Sales

Oregon’s legalization quickly cut Washington border pot sales – featuring UO Economics faculty Benjamin Hansen, Keaton Miller and Caroline Weber

When Oregon’s recreational sales of marijuana took effect, retail sales in Washington counties across the Columbia River dropped 41 percent in just three days, UO researchers report.

Also taking a dip was the amount of legally sold marijuana leaving Washington, UO economists Benjamin Hansen, Keaton Miller and Caroline Weber noted in their findings, which were published online this week in the working paper series of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“We found that the majority of marijuana sold in Washington is actually staying there,” said Hansen, the UO’s W.E. Miner Professor of Economics. “We found that prior to Oregon’s legalization 11.9 percent was potentially being diverted out of Washington overall, and it dropped to 7.5 percent after Oregon’s legalization.”

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