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2017 Honors Papers

Recipient of the Best Individual Honors Paper Award 2017

Torin Brown, “Beyond Collapse: The Continuation Effect of Group Identities
Faculty Advisor: Jiabin Wu

Tia Jane Monahan, “Competition Between Microfinance Institutions and the Formal Banking Sector
Faculty Advisor: Alfredo Burlando

Kyle Oliverio, “Evaluating NAFTA: The Employment Effects of Trade Shocks from Mexico and the United States
Faculty Advisor: Anca Cristea

Kristen Beamer, “The Effect of Telecommunication Development on International Tourism in Latin American and Caribbean Countries
Faculty Advisor: Wes Wilson

Joshua Cavoto, “The Effect of Peer Participation on Risk Attitudes in Fantasy Sports
Faculty Advisor: Michael Kuhn

Tanianan Chuanchaiyakul, “Visual Framing and Judgement of Risk and Probability
Faculty Advisor: Jiabin Wu

Ryan Hendry and Sarah Lindley, “Lane Transit District Revenue Forecast and Recession Scenario Analysis
Faculty Advisors: Tim Duy and Bill Harbaugh

Adam Herbers and Samier Waqar, “How to Get Elected in Oregon: An Examination of the Effects of Campaign Contributions on Oregon State Legislative Outcomes
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Isaac Kort-Meade and Jean Ramirez, “A Pipeline to Success? Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Summer Academy to Inspire Learning
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Haiming Kuang and Kathryn Sternberger, “University Air Travel & Internal Carbon Taxation
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Kyle Schaul, “Nonlinearities in the Employment Response to Minimum Wages: Evidence from Industries in Adjacent States
Faculty Advisor: Joe Stone

Daniel Thatcher and Aleck Watters, “Municipal Citations, Recidivism, and Deterrence among the Lane County Homeless
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Lei Xu and Brock Wilson, “Early Core Curriculum Outcomes in the Lindquist Business School and their Subsequent Effects on Graduation
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Monica Yu, “The Effect of Crime on Economic Growth in Oregon
Faculty Advisor: Caroline Weber