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2016 Honors Papers

Recipient of the Best Individual Honors Paper Award 2016

Jeremy Garbellano, Nowcasting Recessions with Machine Learning: New Tools for Predicting the Business Cycle
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Piger

Recipient of the Best Team Honors Paper Award 2016

Daniel Palau and Mitchell VanVuren, The Increased Risk of High Drivers
Faculty Advisor: Ben Hansen

Paul Hornberger III, Matthew Miller, and Bridgett Riggs, “Tuition Plateaus and Student Behavior: The University of Oregon and Completion Rate Efficiency”
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Joel Bazzle and Jonah Delira, Filtering Effects and Real Housing Affordability
Faculty Advisor: Tim Duy

Lucas Currie and Julia Jagels, “Marijuana and Alcohol: The Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Alcohol Consumption in Colorado and Washington
Faculty Advisor: Ben Hansen

Yuri D’Agosto, Ports and Emissions from Shipping
Faculty Advisor: Wes Wilson

Peter Davis and Kayla Looney, “Estimating the demand for the IAAF 2021 World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon based off of a Cost Benefit Analysis of the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Portland, Oregon” (paper is unavailable due to confidentiality) 
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Miguel Gomez and Garrett Hoffman, “The Effects of Free Community College Proposals on College Enrollment and Bachelor’s Degree Attainment
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

Zane Karimi, “Investigating the Impact of Grade Distributions at the University of Oregon
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh

John Morehouse, Systematic Differences between Bicyclists and Motor-Vehicle Operators
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Mastromonaco

Helena Schlegel, Raising the Cost of Affordability: Guaranteed Tuition Programs and the Economics Value of Certainty
Faculty Advisor: Bill Harbaugh