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Cameron awarded best paper for 2014

Excerpt of article originally published in Around the O, August 27, 2014.

A research report by UO economics professor Trudy Ann Cameron has been named the article of the year by the Journal of Environment Economics and Management.

Cameron, the Raymond F. Mikesell Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics at the UO, published the paper in January 2013. It describes a new method for determining the value people place on small reductions in the risk of illness or death.

Such calculations are important in a variety of social and environmental contexts, such as understanding the benefits of medical research, environmental regulation or workplace safety rules. The calculation method proposed by Cameron and co-author J.R. DeShazo of the University of California at Los Angeles improves on existing methods by providing for a more detailed analysis and overcomes some longstanding limitations in the traditional approach.

The article, “Demand for health risk reductions,” is available here.

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