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August 12-14: 2nd InsTED Workshop

Advances in the Theory and Empirics of
Institutions, Trade and Economic Development

Hosted and Sponsored by
the Department of Economics, University of Oregon

Workshop Location: Inn at the 5th, Eugene

Keynote Speakers

Avinash Dixit (Princeton University)
Kamal Saggi (Vanderbilt University)


Chris Ellis (University of Oregon)
Ben Zissimos (University of Exeter)
Isleide Zissimos (Vanderbilt University)

About the 2nd InsTED Workshop

Over the next 20 years, there will be an unprecedented change in the global distribution of growth and trade patterns: as much as two-thirds of global growth could emanate from the developing world, with roughly equal distributions of global export shares. Accompanying this shift, economic leadership will move toward the developing world. Meanwhile, there is growing recognition that the existing institutions governing trade policy and economic development are no longer adequate, and that their evolution will play a critical role in shaping the efficiency and equity of economic outcomes. A better understanding of how such anticipated institutional changes interact with economic policy is crucial for business planning and forward-looking policymaking in developed and developing countries alike.

The Institutions, Trade, and Economic Development Network (InsTED) was established in 2012 by a group of like-minded academics working at the intersection of political-economic institutions, international trade, and economic development to explore these issues. The 2nd InsTED Workshop will be held at the University of Oregon, August 12– 142014 and will bring together economists from all over the world to present and discuss their latest research.

The keynote speakers for this event are Professor Avinash Dixit of Princeton University and Professor Kamal Saggi of Vanderbilt University.

Registration fees: $160 US

Register online.

The preliminary program is now available.