Why get an internship…?

The perfect opportunity to get ahead in the world is to participate in an internship. One of the benefits of being a student is the flexibility to try different career paths through internship opportunities. An internship allows you to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. And many times internships can lead to job offers, since it’s a way for a company to evaluate your potential. Finally an internship allows you to network and begin the process of building professional contacts. Take advantage!

Getting academic credit for internships

You can receive EC 404 credit for an appropriate internship experience. Majors can receive up to 2 credits that will count as 2 of the 28 upper division elective credits for their major. To do so, you need to first find an internship opportunity. This may be found through webpage links below or simply through your own investigations.

Once you have an internship opportunity lined up, you can get credit by first filling out the Internship Proposal Form with your internship supervisor and turning this into the Economics Department Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval. Once approved you can register for the credits and complete the internship and the assignments described in the EC 404 Syllabus to receive credit. Typically, it is required that you do 3 hours of work per week for a 10-week term for each academic credit you wish to receive.

Please be aware that to receive approval of an internship for academic credit you will need to explain how this opportunity is an internship, not a regular job. The difference is that an internship is intended to give you training, supervision, and experiences that help you understand the associated career path that extend beyond this particular work experience.

Sites related to discovering internships

Examples of recent internships by UO economics majors:

  • Business Analyst, Boeing Corporation, Seattle, WA
  • Financial Analyst Intern, Marsh Co., Portland, OR
  • Intern, Merrill Lynch, Portland, OR
  • Marketing Technician, Fundacion Jatun Sacha, Quito, Ecuador
  • Financial Consultant Intern, Saloman Smith Barney, Eugene, OR
  • Logistics Intern, Jacobs Engineering, Anchorage, AK
  • Marketing Associate, A.G. Edwards, Eugene, OR
  • Intern, Wetdawg.com, Eugene, OR
  • Suite and Preferred Services Intern, Portland Trailblazers, Portland, OR
  • Retail Management Intern, Target Corp., Eugene/Portland, OR
  • Operations Research Intern, Sony Disc Manufacturing, Springfield, OR
  • Junior Analyst, Integra Funds, Chicago, IL
  • Technical Assistant, ECONorthwest, Eugene, OR
  • Sales Representative, Brasher’s Auto Auctions, Eugene, OR