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Search Efforts

To meet the curricular needs of our increasing number of majors and minors, and to support our graduate program and faculty research efforts, the Economics Department is very fortunate this year to have funding for three new assistant professors, with even a possible fourth position associated to the president’s directive for sustainability research.  Hiring 3-4 new faculty is an enormous task, and our search process has been underway since August.  We have received 880 applicants from the world’s top universities, and our teams will interview approximately 75 of them at the annual January meetings, this year held in Chicago.  The top 10 (or so) candidates will then be invited for campus visits, where they will meet with students, faculty, and administrators, and give research seminars.  While taxing, the search and hiring process is so very exciting: it gives faculty and students alike the chance to meet and interact with the next generation of thinkers — young economists, trained under the direction of top scholars, whose youthful creative capacity will drive the next needed intellectual breakthroughs in economic thought.  And with any luck, three or four of these young thinkers will join our ranks come March.